In the Tri-Cities we have many fantastic aspects of our community that are totally taken for granted. Here are eight. 

  • Grace Ingolia

    The Columbia River

    The river is relatively clean and beautiful and yet so many people never fish, swim, kayak, boat, water ski, paddle board or enjoy one of the other activities we can do here!

  • Grace Ingolia

    The Trails

    The Tri-Cities have many amazing trails that run along the river, and they are way, way under-used.

  • Grace Ingolia

    The Amazing Views

    There are so many places with great views in the Tri-Cites and if you visit one of them to watch a sunset you're probably going to be there alone.

  • MarianVejcik


    Here in the Tri-Cities we get all four seasons unlike other cities with as much sunshine as we get.

  • Jupiterimages

    Clean and Inexpensive Electricity

    In the Tri-Cities we have clean, carbon-free energy that comes at a very inexpensive price compared to other cities across the country.

  • arinahabich


    In the Tri-Cities we have many wineries with locally-grown grapes. Even our local WSU campus has a special programs to train people to join the industry.

  • Google Maps

    Local Shops

    Here in the Tri-Cities we have amazing local shops in Downtown Pasco, Downtown Kennewick, the Uptown, the Parkway and more!

  • chris sadowski

    My Friend's Place

    My Friends Place is a homeless shelter for teens. It's a safe place where kids can stay and not feel embarrassed they just say they're staying at "My Friends Place." Most places have homeless shelters and family services, but for a community our size to have a dedicated teen shelter is really impressive.