So first Adele shocks the world by announcing she’s pregnant, and on the same day Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes announced they were divorcing no less. Rude. Then there’s the rumor that not only is she pregnant, but that she’s seven months pregnant and is due to give birth before summer even ends. And now it’s being reported that she has already spent $50,000 on the baby’s nursery!

Apparently, the singer has some sort of golden girl reputation by being pretty frugal with her millions, but she seems to be shelling it out rather quickly when it comes to her newborn child. “She is building state-of-the-art nurseries in all her homes,” said a source to Reveal magazine. “She’s having bespoke wallpaper made and it’s costing a fortune with climate control and cameras so she can see everything on her laptop.”

Here’s a list of what Adele has already purchased for her mini-me:

  • Pre-ordered Bon Point unisex baby clothes; they supposedly don’t come cheap.
  • Three Bugaboo pushchairs
  • A £600 ($1,000!) Moses basket
  • An antique bear for £5,000 ($6,088.99!)
  • Picture frames and trinkets from Tiffany’s, which don’t run cheap, either!

And we thought Blue Ivy was the second coming. We can’t wait to meet the little guy (or girl)!

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