One of the area's most unique businesses got the boot from Amazon but luckily they are back up and running. 

It's been over 60 days since Prosser's beloved business Chukar Cherries has been banned by Amazon.

The company didn't have anything to do with the banning and because of internal procedures within Amazon, Chukar Cherries hasn't been able to sell on the platform for the last 60 days.

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According to various news articles, Chukar Cherries was banned from the website. Chukar Cherries has been selling on the platform since 2003 and portions of their sales come from the mega online third-party platform seller.

Amazon claims that Chukar Cherries' account was flagged due to their email being linked to another business based in China and deactivated for violating Amazon policy.

Chukar Cherries' CEO defended her company saying they only employ local workers and fruit in their products and have no relation to another company in China.

It's been a hassle of red-tape for the Prosser company to get reinstated but due to pressure from other news outlets to resolve the issue, Amazon has finally reinstated the company's selling platform.

Amazon issued a statement explaining a "bad actor" might've been the culprit.

A "bad actor" is someone that “created a false relationship to this seller, which led us to take action on this account.”

Luckily Chukar Cherries is back up on Amazon after 60 days but the expulsion cost the company money and it wasn't the fault of the business.

Going forward, perhaps Amazon can reevaluate its policies to make sure it doesn't happen again to a small local business. You can read more details about the incident here.

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