Deciding to be proactive, Benton County Deputies and Sheriff Jerry Hatcher have begun making visits to homes in Benton County, reminding residents to check on or install smoke alarms.

In the wake of that tragic fire near Benton City that killed two small children, Hatcher and Deputies have already visited dozens of homes. The program will continue into the future. Deputies are especially visiting older homes and mobile home communities.

Studies and fire call evidence suggests many of these older homes and especially mobile homes, tend not to have working detectors, or often they're in disrepair. Deputies are reminding residents to check on the smoke alarms and make sure they're operational. It was found in that fatal fire in a mobile home, the smoke detector in the home was not working, but by the time the residents noticed the smoke and flames, it was too late, said fire crews.

Sheriff Hatcher and Deputies urge people to call (509)-735-6555 if you know of someone who could possibly use one, or even yourself. For more information as well on the Red Cross Smoke Detector program, click on the button below.


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