It's been a week since New Year's and you've been "eating healthier" and "exercising more" this week, right? Even if you have, it's likely you're joining the rest of us in our annual reminder of how hard it is to control our waistlines. If you're really serious about getting healthy in 2012, investing some money in your health is going to be the best move. Whatever you invest in a gym membership, a weight loss clinic or special food will likely be earned back in fewer doctor bills, prescriptions and larger clothes. If you are serious, I've compiled a long list of the options you have. It's not comprehensive and it isn't sponsored -- these are just the businesses I found quickly online.

-In our own office Big Bear has found great success with Ideal Protein offered through our own Local Expert Arbor Health Care For Women. He's lost over 50 pounds in about three months.

-Stacy Lee from the morning show just started Advance HCG at HCG Diet Center at 6855 Clearwater Avenue.

-With the encouragement of friends, I started making spinach shakes in the morning. I blend a large handful of fresh spinach in the blender with a banana (the strong-flavored fruit drowns out the taste of the spinach) and almond milk. Add grapes for sweetness and Greek yogurt for protein. I add chia seeds and ground flax meal to mine. This is a great way to start the day.

-Most people I know who have succeeded with long-term weight loss without the help of a doctor used the South Beach Diet.

-Any program that forces you to buy their food is likely to succeed. It takes out all the work and thinking for you. Eat what they tell you when they tell you and the pounds fall. Keeping them off after you leave the program is the tricky part.

-I moved here from Park City, Utah in November where vegan diets are the rage. They don't necessarily care anything about animals (in fact, many are heavily invested in the beef industry) but they're convinced dairy and meat is doing more harm than good. Check out the movie "Forks Over Knives" for their scientific proof.

-Gluten Free diets are supposed to make people feel a lot better. Even if your body processes gluten just fine, the sticky stuff supposedly coats your intestines and blocks the absorption of vital nutrients.

-Whenever I follow the SlimFast diet carefully, I'm usually able to lost 5-10 pounds unassisted.

-My coworker Kerri Mathis insisted I include the Guinness Diet. In summer, she drinks only Guinness beer and loses weight. It's apparently low in alcohol and high in nutrients. I wouldn't recommend this for everyone, but apparently it's popular enough to warrant an episode of "Glutton For Punishment" on the Food Network.

  • Weight Watchers

    731 N Columbia Center Blvd Ste 122, Kennewick
  • Diet Center

    121 Vista Way, Kennewick
  • Jenny Craig

    2913 W Kennewick Ave.
  • HCG Dieting Solutions

    947 S Keller St, Kennewick
  • Thin & Healthy

    1350 N Grant St, Kennewick
  • Calrx High Performance Weight

    5040 W Clearwater Ave, Kennewick
  • HCG Elite

    750 Swift Blvd, Richland
  • Ling Medical Weight Loss

    4309 W27th Place #300, Kennewick
  • Greater Columbia Bariatric

    1075 Jadwin Ave # 203, Richland
  • Weight Loss Bariatric

    3321 W Kennewick Ave Ste 210
  • Take Shape For A Healthy Weight

    6515 Clearwater Ave. Ste. 242, Kennewick
  • Diet Doc

    7201 W. Grandridge Blvd. #101, Kennewick
  • Kia Ora

    2008 North Pittsburg Street, Kennewick
  • Curves

    6916 W Argent Rd, Pasco 1364 Jadwin Ave, Richland 4033 W Van Giesen St #G, West Richland
  • Hypnosis

    Personal Change Hypnotherapy 8390 W Gage Blvd # 209, Kennewick

     Accelerated Hypnosis 713 Jadwin Ave, Richland

     180 Hypnosis 719 Jadwin Ave, Richland