Do I Have To Legally Show My Receipt At Costco And Walmart In Washington State?

I am a fan of self-check only because I'm one of those impatient types but one of the things I hate is being asked for my receipt as I leave the self-check area.

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What Are The Rules And Regulations Concerning Showing Your Receipts In WA?

I was surprised to discover that Costco has even started a self-checkout lane.

Costco and Walmart are two of the biggest retail giants in the Tri-Cities area and it got me thinking. I naturally hand over my receipt when asked but can these stores legally check receipts?

While it may seem like a simple question, the answer is not straightforward.

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According to Washington State law, retailers have the right to request and inspect receipts of customers who are leaving their stores.

This is primarily done to prevent shoplifting and protect the store's assets.

Because of this, it's legal for both Walmart and Costco to check your receipt, provided that they follow the state's regulations.

J.D. Pooley
J.D. Pooley

However, retailers must follow specific guidelines while checking the receipts of customers.

According to the YouTube channel West Coast Lawyers, they've got the answer for us:

So there are a few crucial things the store can't do when checking receipts, for one, they can't discriminate and they can’t use excessive force without reasonable cause.

If either of those things happens, you might have a lawsuit and should seek out a lawyer.

Outside of that, Costco and Walmart can legally check your receipt if you shop in their stores in Washington State.

However, they must follow specific guidelines while checking the receipts.

Overall, regardless of the store's policy, it's essential to be polite and cooperative with the store's staff to avoid any unnecessary conflicts.

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