It's summertime again and one of the greatest advantages of living in the Tri-Cities is the beautiful Columbia River. We love boating and we love swimming but we also know that with water comes danger.

Our friends at Columbia Basin Dive Rescue is reminding folks that drowning never looks like it does in the movies. You might not even know someone is distress until it's too late.

On average 10 people die from drowning each in America and Columbia Basin Dive Rescue has some good helpful tips to keep you safe this summer.

Two things with potential drowning. A drowning person will not usually wave their arms. They'll be trying to push down on the water to raise their head. They'll also not be screaming or yelling because psychologically they'll be unable to call for help.

Dive Rescue recommends a few tips to keep everyone safe this summer and here are a few of them.

Look: Constantly scan the area for signs of struggle, head bobbing or someone's hair over their face - do a headcount of everyone in the water.

Listen: Pay attention to a child who is being uncharacteristically quiet

If someone is in trouble, here is what the Columbia Basin Dive Rescue recommends you do

Reach, Throw, Don't Go

Make a note of where exactly you are and where you last saw the person drowning, this is vital information for first responders.

Call 911

The Columbia Basin Dive Rescue also says having US Coast Guard approved flotation device can prevent most drownings.

You can check out more tips and details here on the Columbia Basin Dive Rescue's Facebook page.

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