We want to send a BIG congratulations to Mr. Micah Wilson who teaches Welding,Ag Science,Viticulture,engineering and is an FFA advisor. Sarah Vermeire nominated you and here's why!!!

Not only is Mr. Wilson a man of many titles, he was and still is a role model to myself and countless other individuals. He helped build me into the person I am today. He taught me a woman is just as capable as any man whether it be in a leadership position, welding or even running a tractor. Micah Wilson was my teacher, FFA adviser, confidante, friend, and one of the biggest reasons why I have chosen my specific career path and area of study at college. He does so much for his students, community and FFA chapter; whether it be volunteer work, taking time out of his weekends to visit his FFA group at their homes to check up on their projects, spending majority of his lunches helping students finish assignments, or simply just by being a happy presence, he is always going above and beyond all while making sure his family is never on the sidelines. Through all of his hard work and dedication, most of the time Mr. Wilson goes unrecognized. I say it's his turn for a little recognition and extra appreciation. Even if it's just some flowers, he deserves a random gift to brighten his day at school.