Could Kennewick Washington's New Proposed "No Sit No Lie" Ordinance Affect You?

The Kennewick City Council is considering a new "no sit, no lie" ordinance in downtown Kennewick to hopefully deter homeless and panhandlers from lying down or sitting in the right of way of businesses.


What Area Of Kennewick Washington Will Be Affected By New Ordinance?

The Kennewick City Council will meet on Tuesday, May 16th at 6:30 PM to discuss a new ordinance that'll prohibit lying down or sitting down in specified zones around Kennewick. 

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According to an article from Yahoo News, here are the new areas that the Kennewick City Council would propose for their "no sit, no lie" law.  The area will include First Avenue and Canal and between Dayton and Washington Streets.


The three current districts with restrictions on sitting and lying, a misdemeanor, in Kennewick are:

▪ From Clearwater Avenue to Kennewick Avenue, between Yelm Street and Huntington Street.

▪ From 24th to 28th avenues between Tweedt and Olson streets.

▪ Canal Drive between Young Street and Kellogg Street, which includes the area near Best Buy.

So the new area would be included in the above three areas.

One of the biggest complaints from downtown Kennewick businesses has been the loitering.

The Kennewick City Council says legally that can't make the entire city "no sit, no lie" but the few areas will hopefully help detour some of the issues that downtown Kennewick has experienced as of late.

You can read more about the proposed ordinance here.  

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