I have fun friends that share with me the crazy traditions they have in their families and I'm amazed how many families have things they do every year to make the holidays extra special.

One of my friends has grow kids and grand kids who live out of town, so when they come visit, they merge Thanksgiving and Christmas all together so they can do both in one weekend.

They have a big dinner the first day and all open a gift that night, and then have Christmas the next morning. And the "One Gift" they all get is Christmas Pajama's and then the next day everyone runs around in their Christmas Pj's all day! Kinda fun huh?

Another family I know always had their 7 kids all sleep on the floor together on Christmas Eve in the family room. Now all the kids are married and some even have kids and they all still sleep in one big room in sleeping bags on Christmas Eve. The wives of the boys from the family are currently protesting this..but they still all do it! That's hilarious right?

Does your family have any fun, weird or quirky traditions like that? Please share...maybe I'll start one!

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