Credit: WSP Trooper Chris Thorson
Credit: WSP Trooper Chris Thorson

The Washington State Patrol is urging all motorists to exercise extra caution on roads.

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Last weekend WSP investigated several incidents resulting in the deaths of 15 people all across the state. According to Trooper Chris Thorson, two motorcycle fatality collisions occurred within the last week. One was in Richland on SR 240 and another in Clarkston.

In a recent tweet, Trooper Thorson is asking all motorists to:

Drive sober
Slow down, obey speed limits
Don't drive distracted
Yield the right of way
Buckle up, wear your seatbelt

In Washington, one in five motorcycle collisions result in serious injury or death. On average, 75 riders die every year in crashes on Washington roads. In 2020, there were 1,659 motorcycle collisions, 92 fatal. Speeding and impairment are often factors. In 2022, there were 1,955 motorcycle collisions, 125 fatal. Head injuries are the most common cause of fatal injuries in a motorcycle collision.

Steps motorcyclists can take for safety-

ALWAYS ear a helmet. It's the law.
Keep up on skills or take additional classes.
Obey the speed limit

For more information regarding motorcycle safety in Washington, visit

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