If you are a history buff like me, you are always interested in learning about the evolution of towns and cities. Have you ever heard of a town that changed its name?

As a teen, we had to take Pacific Northwest history, and my small town of Clarkston Washington was once known as Jawbone Flats. We also know that Ainsworth was once in the spot where Pasco is today.

Washington State has seen many such changes over the years. These changes may have been due to political, economic, or personal reasons, but they are nonetheless intriguing especially when it comes to original town names.

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I thought it would be fun to explore some of the Washington State towns that changed their name, and what their original name used to be. Let's see if you recognize a few of these below:

10 Washington State Towns That Changed Their Names

Here are 10 towns in Washington State that changed their original names

Washington State has a rich history, and it's always interesting to learn about the origins of the towns and cities that make it up.

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