You know him from his Discovery Channel show 'Dirtiest Jobs' and he also is the narrator of the insanely popular 'Deadliest Catch' well Mike Rowe is stepping out and looking for inspirational stories, from what he calls them 'Do Gooders' which he found one in Black Diamond WA and featured it on his new show called "Returning the Favor"

Mike and his crew head west to Black Diamond, Washington to reward Mamma Ginger and the Soup Ladies; a volunteer organization feeding home cooked meals to first responders on the front lines:

Here's what he says about the new show:

Conceptually, it’s a bit more earnest than crawling through sewers and violating barnyard animals – both of which I still hold in high regard. However – when the country’s divided and the news feels fake and no one knows what to believe anymore – maybe a little earnestness is just what the doctor ordered? We’ll see. I’m working with a really great production company called Hudsun, and Facebook has been completely supportive. So I’m hopeful.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on.

We’re searching America for better than average citizens, finding out why they do what they do, and then – if all goes as planned – Returning the Favor. Obviously, suggestions are welcome here. I’m not sure when we premiere, but I promise, you’ll be the second to know. In the meantime, feel free to share this. Apparently, it’s no longer a secret…


I personally think Mike would be fun just to hang with!!

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