Todd Hoffman from the Discovery Channel show 'Gold Rush' was on with Big Jim & Stacy Lee yesterday morning talking about the premier of Season 4 on Oct. 26. You'll be shocked by what Mr. Hoffman thinks of the season premier!

If you haven't seen the show before, it's a group of friends and relatives from Oregon who live in Alaska and the Yukon looking for gold. Todd is sort of in charge and works with his dad, who prospected for gold back in the 1970s. After losing their jobs in Oregon, the group gives gold hunting everything they've got and encounter incredible obstacles and surprises along the way.

Hoffman found his first piece of gold at age 14 and said every time it's an incredible feeling. "When you see it in your sluice box... there is no better feeling in the world," he said.

In today's world economy, people's home values and 401Ks rise and fall because of situations out of their control. But gold is always gold. When you find it, "It makes you feel like you're moving from one system to another. It's like you're hedging your bets against a system you know is a little bit broken. It's a phenomenal experience -- almost spiritual."

Interviewing Mr. Hoffman we discovered he's full of surprises. Here's a few:

  • His favorite song right now is by Miley Cyrus, but don't tell anyone.
  • His wife hates his beard -- all women hate his beard -- and he keeps finding stuff in it and frequently considers shaving it, but other men ask him not to. They say it inspires them, and Hoffman suspects it's good luck -- something he needs plenty of.
  • He has no idea what's actually in the season premier Oct. 26, but he'd love for you to watch it. "I have no freaking idea," he said.
  • His Twitter account @goldrushtodd keeps getting him in trouble. He thinks the Discovery Channel's show about searching for Big Foot is stupid and he's not shy about saying so and making fun of it even though the Discovery Channel executives tell him to stop. "I think it's so ridiculous. I make fun of it all the time. Discovery doesn't like me making fun of it," he said.

Listen to the interview for more laughs and chat about the show.

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