Do Red Cars Get Pulled Over More Often In Washington State?

For years, car enthusiasts have argued about whether police officers have a bias against fast red cars, but is there any truth to this age-old myth, or is it simply an urban legend?


What Car Color Is More Likely To Get Pulled Over By Washington State Patrol?

Let's begin with the basics. While it's well-known that speeding is illegal, why do we associate fast red cars with being pulled over the most?

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There are a few explanations that I’ve found, but the most logical one is that red is a bright color that catches the attention of law enforcement. Therefore, a red car that speeds is more likely to be noticed and pulled over than a grey or black car doing the same thing.


I believed this for years as I had a red car when I was a teenager and got several speeding tickets but I painted the car blue for a few years and my speeding tickets decreased.

I've always assumed it was red as it was the same car I later painted blue.

So the question had me curious and here's what I found out:

According to several websites like and

White is the number #1 most-pulled-over color with Red as the #2 most-pulled-over color.


Grey and Silver round out the list.

Red according to only accounts for 16% of speeding tickets with 14% of the cars on the road being red.

White is the safest color on the road and yes it was #1 in speeding tickets only because proportionally there are more white cars on the road than red cars.

So there you have it, red cars are not more likely to get pulled over in Washington State compared to other cars and it's just an urban legend that police will pull you over for your car being simply red ---- they'll still pull you over no matter what the color of your car is if you are speeding super fast!

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