Save A Ton Of Money At A New Liquidation Store In Pasco Washington

We recently did an article about Yakima's new liquidation store and now it looks like we've got our own new store right here in the Tri-Cities.

credit: rik mikals
credit: rik mikals

A New Pasco Store Specializes In Amazon And Target Returns

What makes this new Pasco liquidation store so unique is that every day the prices drop drastically until, at the end of the week, items are marked down to $1.00.

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Each Day, Prices Decrease Drastically At A New Pasco Store

The store then closes on Thursday and restocks its supply of returns. The returns come from vendors like Amazon and Target. Hot Deals Liquidation just opened in the old Bleyhl store in Pasco at 1124 East Ainsworth Ave.

credit: rik mikals
credit: rik mikals

I snapped some pictures of items you'll find inside the new Hot Deals store in Pasco.

Peek Inside The New Pasco Hot Deals Amazon Returns Store

There's a new Amazon/Target returns store in Pasco where the hot deals prices decrease daily!

Hot Deals hasn't even celebrated its grand opening yet so you could get a jump on some great deals.

Hot Deals is open 9-7 Mon thru Thurs. Friday 9-8, Saturday 9-6, and Sunday 10-5

The store will restock on Thursday so the whole process starts over again on the decreasing prices. I noticed coffee makers, lawn chairs, electronics, and many other items that have been returned from vendors like Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Target.

You can check out more details on the new Pasco liquidation store here.

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