This morning Netflix sent out an email to press with the subject line: ‘HOUSE OF CARDS PRESIDENTIAL ALERT - THIS IS A TEST.’ Uh, triggering much? But then again, I would much rather get an alert text from Robin Wright than the one we got from our real-world POTUS last week. (Technically though, I was spared and did not get the text, phew.)

That said, Claire Underwood isn’t exactly the most beloved President in the world of House of Cards. “I think she might be the worst thing that ever happened to this country,” one political correspondent says in the the full trailer for the final season. (LOL, try joining us in real-world 2018 and see how you feel about the state of America.) Now that Frank Underwood is dead and Kevin Spacey is dunzo, Wright’s Claire has stepped into the Oval Office to run things herself, and she has few supporters on her side.

The new trailer shows a bit more of Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear’s new sibling power duo, who have a past with the Underwoods. “You know I slept with him once, your husband,” Lane’s Annette Shepherd casually tells Claire with a smile, as Claire terrifyingly smiles back at her. The new POTUS is met with plenty of opposition, and even Doug Stamper is scared of her.

The final eight-episode season features returning cast members Michael Kelly, Jayne Atkinson, Constance Zimmer, Campbell Scott, and Patricia Clarkson, as well as newcomer Cody Fern. House of Cards’ final season hits Netflix on November 2.

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