Hey Everybody!  Tony & I bought a bought a Sony Google Box! And we LOVE it! Plus, we ordered Netflix for just $7.99 a month. It's really cool! There are TV shows...whole seasons you can watch consecutively and NO commercials! Plus...tons of movies, documentaries etc!

We watch every night now before bed! Kinda fun!

We bought the Sony Google Box at Best Buy. I think it was $259.  but that is because it was an "open box" and the last one. I think they are $299 normally.  But, now the only thing we pay for is $7.99 for Netflix. I think it's a great deal! Watching all kinds of fun movies! It streams live too. Get Youtube, Icloud, email etc.

I thought I'd pass that along to you. I'm thinkin' it's pretty neat, because we get to watch lots of great movies on Netflix. And I guess there is an option that you can upgrade so you can see other newer movies that they send you in DVD form  if you want too! Maybe you know all about this already. I'm usually the last to know stuff about electronics! But in case you don't. I thought I'd pass it along. It's pretty cool so far! We've had it about 3 weeks!  I think it's awesome! Tony set it up on our TV in about 15 minutes and we watch a new movie every night! And stream TV series. Have you seen White Collar? So fun! Thought I'd share...