I now have my first pumpkin of the season.

This lil cutie is for decoration in any way you see fit

The mornings are creeping into crisp territory and the squash are really starting to show off.

The delicata aka peanut squash is used in tons of dishes

This is some of what Yakima valley produce has to offer during this time of year and I am excited to make soups like ginger acorn, butternut squash and taking the time test out pepito making because if we're not trying now, when?

I'm pumped to carve pumpkins and the lighting of candles around the house has already begun. I say, at this point, if you want to put your tree up or decorate like it's Valentines day, you do what makes your heart happy.

Lately the hubs and I've been working harder on dinner in instead of drive-through so a rotation of shrimp, salmon, burgers and dogs have been the go to. Tonight it was salmon.

A rainbow 🌈 of vegetables into a seasoned salmon

I feel like I've got the hang of it so here's my tricks. Buy the frozen Costco ones if you don't mind. They come individually wrapped so you can take out as many as you'll need and let them defrost in the fridge on a plate.

Take them out and pat them dry with a paper towel, sprinkle with your favorite oil. I use olive oil but ran out so it was a mixture of that and canola and rub both sides. Then, i like to sprinkle an even mixture of salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder on both sides. Oil your cooking surface medium low and set to sizzle for five minutes without touching, flip and cook for about three and half minutes. Boom! It's got a delicious crust but juicy on the inside.

Crunchy juicy and fresh

Farm to table is kind of fun once you really start testing out flavors and learn how to use different veggies. I was shocked at the flavor burst the cherry tomatoes carry when you slightly saute them instead of letting them blister. It's like mini bites of tomatoe soup!

Each box comes with a list of ingredients and a recipe

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