Here is some good news for Franklin County students...Free internet hot spots in the county
Franklin PUD Broadband has activated free Wi-Fi hot spots so that students in the county will have access to high-speed internet so they can do their school work.

Here are the locations...Remember please practice safe social distancing

The Franklin PUD expects to add more hotspots. So far they are in:

  • Pasco, go to Memorial Park at 350 N. 14th Ave., and log onto the network FBB Public WiFi.
  • Connell, go to the community center on Elm Street and log onto the network PUD Connell Public WiFi.
  • Kahlotus, go to the intersection of Durham Avenue and West Martin Street near the community pool and log onto the network PUD Public WiFi.
  • Mesa, go to the Bailie Land and Cattle Co. at 205 First Ave. and long onto PUD Mesa Public WiFi.

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