Frozen Yogurt
In recent years, it seems as though frozen yogurt is icing out the competition and becoming more popular than the traditional ice cream business.

Supplying a healthy alternative for those with the sweet tooth, frozen yogurt allows you to fill your cravings with a fat-free, probiotic and non-artificial preservative option.   Conclusively, shutting out the ice cream craze that is no longer 'hip' or 'health conscious.'

But are there too many fro yo joints in the Tri-City area?

With a personal favorite of My FroYo, originally based in Pasco, I love the sweet factor it produces. However, the lack of seating is a bit of a struggle.

On the contrary, Maui's Apple can be too sugar infused and yet the atmosphere is ideal groups and families.

Then there is Finnegan Frost, which idolized on the fact that they are purely organic, ultimately taking the health factor to the extreme of solely being made from mother nature.

Regardless of the location, frozen yogurt's reasonable price are becoming super efficient in our times of economic downturn.  I know that only spending $4 on a tasty dessert is perfect while being a broke college student.

The question for you is, which frozen yogurt place do you like best?

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