Here's a movie right up my alley that features superheroes and the cool thing is that a local kid from Richland has written, directed, edited, and filmed the movie. Connor McFarlane is making his big-screen directorial debut at the Queensgate Fairchild Cinemas on April 19th.

The movie is called "Swerv The Movie" and Connor describes his movie like this:

When a comic book superhero is sent out of his comic book and into the real world, he must join a band and fight petty crime to gain his reputation back, but his arch-nemesis isn't far behind...

The feature film will feature local teenagers and lead actor Milo Stanfield is a stand-out in the trailers that have been posted on McFarlane's Youtube channel.

The film also features several Tri-Cities locations.

You can check out the trailers here.

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The tickets went on sale for the feature film and sold out within a day. If demand continues, more tickets and more screenings will be on the schedule. If you've already got your tickets, you are good to go, if not, you'll have to wait for another show to be announced.

There are two trailers to the movie, here is the first trailer:

and here is the second trailer:

If you watch the trailers, you'll see lots of Tri-Cities locations including the Uptown Shopping Mall.

It's pretty ambitious to make a film especially at a local level but remember Kevin Smith got his start by selling his comic-book collection and he made "Clerks" from the proceeds.

I can't wait to see the full movie - you can check out more details about the movie here.

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