Have You Explored the Rainbow Rails Here in Washington State?

My wife and I love a good road trip and we just discovered another unusual sight you should check out.

How Do I Find The Rainbow Rails Near Olympia Washington?

If you live on the west side of Washington, you might already know about these amazing Rainbow Rails near Olympia but it's a first for us. If it's new to you as well, let's check out this together, shall we?

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The railroad tracks are located near Olympia Washington and at first, you might think that the painted railroad tracks were in honor of Pride month but according to the Historical Society in an article from the Olympian, no one really knows why the railroad tracks were painted like a rainbow.

I do know that it's a pretty amazing sight.

A Tumblr post gives directions to where you can visit the Rainbow Rails if you are headed that way this summer.

From Downtown walk along 5th Ave. When you reach the point where 5th Ave and Deschutes Parkway meet follow Deschutes Parkway. Shortly after there will be a crosswalk that takes you to a path connecting Deschutes Pkwy and the 5th Ave Bridge. Cross there and near the bus stop is a path that leads under the bridges

You can click here for more details on directions to the Rainbow Rails.

credit: youtube
credit: youtube

The track is abandoned and located near downtown Olympia so it should be easy to find with directions.

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