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Is Sweet Baby Ray's the best BBQ sauce you can buy? Basically, that answer for me is YES. And for years I accepted no other. But lately, I've gotten kinda worn down by the same flavor over and over. We have Ray's on our beef, we have it on our chicken, we use it on pulled pork...so I decided to do something crazy. Something wild. Yes, I tried some other sauces! Now, I haven't had the Kinder's or Longhorn (made in Spokane) for a long time, but I remember liking them. So I picked up a bottle of each. I was staying away from the jars of BBQ sauce that are $7.99 or better. That's when the bottle of Heinz Texas Bold & Spicy caught my eye. It was under $3 and I figured since they make the best ketchup, the BBQ sauce can't be too bad. That's the surprise...IT IS TREMENDOUS! So good, in fact, that I never even ventured into the other two sauces and will review them later. If you're looking for something different from what you have all the time, try the Heinz Texas Bold & Spicy. Having lived and worked in Texas, I can tell you it's the real deal. Heinz also has other BBQ sauce flavors that I will review this summer. Happy grilling!

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