Kids are getting out of school and vacations are starting. It can be a fun time or a stressful time for parents so no one wants a speeding ticket on top if all that stress.

If you are headed out on the road, look out for these top 10 speed traps right here in The Tri-Cities and be vigilant so you end the summer on a high note and not a downer with a speeding ticket.

Here are the top area speed traps as voted on by drivers at and the biggest speed traps voted on by area motorists.

1) Chemical Drive, Past The Fairgrounds in Kennewick (Kennewick)

2) South End Of The Cable Bridge (Kennewick)

3) Highway 24 Causeway, Richland Way to 182 (Kennewick)

4) 395 and 182 - Kennewick Exit (Pasco)

5) North End Of The Blue Bridge (Pasco)

6) George Washington Way Near Van Giesen Street (Richland)

7) Highway 240 going towards Vantage (Richland)

8) Keene Road Near Kennedy Road (Richland)

9) State Highway 12 near Lewis Street (Pasco)

10) 14th Avenue near Sylvester Street (Pasco)

It's always good to watch your speed no matter what but it's also good to be extra aware of the areas where police and law enforcement are waiting to pull folks over this summer season

do you have any traps that I didn't mention? feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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