Growing up, Easter dinner was the most formal meal of the year because it’s a religious holiday — the Christian equivalent of Passover. Sure, we got out the fancy silver and chinaware for Thanksgiving, and probably spent more time in the kitchen, but Thanksgiving was casual. Christmas dinner was nice, but tended to be anti-climactic. As the most significant religious holiday of the year, Easter dinner had a special air to it.

If you’d like to make your Easter dinner more formal this year, the Tri-City Country Club has lent their expertise in how to set the table. Follow the two videos below to have a banquet-quality spread ready for your family.

Start with a centerpiece and napkins. Learn to do a fan fold with the napkins below. The Tri-City Country Club uses a mirror with a candle for its center piece.

  1. Dinner fork (largest) goes to the left of where the plate will be.
  2. The dinner knife goes opposite on the right and points inward.
  3. The salad fork (medium size) goes to the left of the dinner fork.
  4. Tea spoon to the right of knife.
  5. Bread plate to the left of salad fork.
  6. Wine glass at tip of knife.
  7. Water glass at tip of spoon.
  8. Soup spoon to right of tea spoon.
  9. Steak knife (optional) goes above where the plate will be with blade facing diner.
  10. Cocktail fork (smallest) goes on bread plate parallel with salad fork.
  11. Butter knife (optional) replaces cocktail fork on dinner plate perpendicular to salad fork.

Fold napkin in half, left-to-right. Starting with edge closest to you, fold about two inches away from you twice. Then fold back and forth — accordion style — until there’s only two inches of fabric left. Then flip around so the accordion fold is facing down and the loose two inches point to your left. Now grab the top end (skinny end farthest from you) and fold it toward you. Grab the loose corners of fabric — the fin — (now on the lower right) and fold in a diagonal away from you until it tucks into the accordion. Flip over and open carefully.

The Tri-City Country Club is now open for the season. Call them at 783-6131 to ask questions.

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