I love it when people get "inspired" to do great things for themselves!We all have times when we slack and let go of the things we think are important!  I for one find it difficult to stay motivated consistently.

I recently went through a break up so when I'm feeling a little disheartened, I find it difficult to eat. So, that is when I feel like I have to force myself to eat. And if I'm going to force myself to eat, I decide I'd better put GOOD things in my body. So THAT is when I get back to eating vegetables, lean meats and fruit and lay off all the junk. Needless to say that is what I did and almost immediately lost 10 lbs easily.

Now the trick is getting motivated to get back to the gym or start doing Yoga again or exercising consistently. So...as you can see I myself struggle with being "all I can be on a regular basis!" It's just plain tough in a busy world with horses, dogs, work, kids, music, friends etc...I seem to always have a lot going on! I'm sure you are much the same.

I saw this on Hulk Hogan today and thought it was worth sharing!

What works for you? Post your reply! I'd love to hear!