I saw on Facebook a coworker's wife wanted to buy a pig, but it was too expensive and was asking if any wanted to go in for half. I jumped on it!

It was $300 so I paid $150, and butchering at Knutzen's Meats in Pasco was 88 cents a pound plus fees. So I ended up with 181 pounds of fresh pork, ham and bacon for about $325.

Knutzen's asked me which cuts I wanted, how thick I wanted the bacon, if I wanted anything smoked, etc. It was awesome. Now I'm looking for friends with room in their freezers!

Something I wasn't expecting was that some people use every piece of the pig so I had to pay a "rendering" fee for them to get rid of what I didn't want (like the feet, ears, etc.)

Anyway, I told my teenage son to get excited because we were buying half a pig, and in his dry sense of humor he asked, "Which half?"