How would you avoid feeling alone if you were off at college or just recently moved here and don't have any family in town. Maybe you just broke up with your significant other. Whatever the reason may be. Let’s all post some suggestions for our single friends!

Many of my listeners are trying to find ways to spend the holidays without feeling left out or alone this time of year. For many it's difficult. If you’re brave enough to invite a bunch of friends to your own house, that could be fun! You could all potluck a dinner. But what if all your friends have places already to go for dinner?

Maybe host an “After Dinner Cocktail Party” or a “Desert Bar” and invite people over.

What else would be good to think about…?

I would love for them to be able to see some helpful suggestions or comments at the bottom of this post, so please leave your reply if you have something to say.

Thank you! Happy Holidays!

Faith Martin