If You Live In Washington, One Study Says This Is The Best Place For Singles

If you are single and loving it, you might be surprised that one Washington State city is #1 in the nation for singles.

Photo by Sabine Ojeil on Unsplash
Photo by Sabine Ojeil on Unsplash

You might think San Francisco or Las Vegas would be the best place in the nation to be dating and living the single life but surprisingly, two cities, one in Washington and one in Oregon are the best places in the nation to be dating.

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I'm sure you already suspect the cities. Portland Oregon is #5 on the list but sitting at the top of the list is Seattle Washington.

Seattle is #1 in the nation for being the best place to be single in the nation.

Thanks to Wallethub, they broke down the data and declared Seattle as the #1 place in the nation for singles. According to their data breakdown, Seattle ranks high based on economics, fun and recreation, and the availability of single people.

Source: WalletHub

Do you realize the average date now costs $90? A surprising 19% of single people go into debt when dating.

I lived on the westside in the 90s and the one thing I did love about living in Seattle was the access to a bevy of entertainment options. You could literally do something every weekend and never get bored.

Photo by Bruce W on Unsplash
Photo by Bruce W on Unsplash

It might not really come as a surprise that Seattle and Portland rank high if you are single and looking for love. If you are looking for the town with the most single folks, that honor falls according to

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