Are Queen Bey and Jigga gearing up for another heir to the Throne? Rumor has it that Beyonce and Jay-Z may be expecting a sibling for Blue Ivy!

Hollywood Life reports that Beyonce was snapped in New York City sporting a snug leopard print dress that clung a little tighter than usual to Bey's midsection, exposing what they insist looks like a baby bump. Truthfully, we can't really see anything based on their "evidence" -- Beyonce has always been simultaneously curvy and toned, and the dress is a wrap style that doesn't really cling to anything (that's the point of a wrap dress!).

Still, multiple reports have come out, notably Media TakeOut and Hollywood Life, insisting that Bey is, indeed, with Babeyonce. Media TakeOut reports that the 'I Was Here' singer is roughly three months along, and when Hollywood Life asked Bey's rep if she's preggers, the response was ”I do not comment on her personal life.” So it's not a denial, but it's not a confirmation, either.

We wouldn't be surprised if Beyonce is keeping any potential pregnancy under wraps (or wrap dresses, as it were) for at least a few months. Jay-Z revealed in his track 'Glory' that the power couple suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage prior to the birth of the beautiful Blue Ivy, so it's beyond understandable that they'd use caution and keep their private life as private as possible. Perhaps there will be a big red carpet reveal in a few months!

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