Can You Make A Left Turn On Red In Washington State?

Nothing is more frustrating than someone not knowing the rules of the road. I've been driving for many years and I'm always not surprised when someone doesn't follow the road rules. We usually call them a jerk in our heads as they pass on by but occasionally one rule or law seems to evade us.

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Can You Drive In The Left Lane In Washington State?

Many Washingtonians seem to forget that driving in the left lane for an extended period is against the law in Washington State.

I think it's my #1 pet peeve of driving when I see this law broken time and time again. As much as I get frustrated when I see drivers camping in the left lane, Washington State Patrol issues roughly 14,000 citations a year for improper use of the left lane.

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There's another law on the books that often confuses drivers and this article is here to answer the question about making a left turn on red in Washington State.

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You'll be surprised to discover that Washington State has some quirky laws on driving and only 37 states allow a driver to turn left at a red light.


Washington is among one those states that allow a left turn on a red light but here is how it works so you can avoid a ticket in the future.

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You can make a left turn on a red light once you've come to a complete stop and only if you are entering a one-lane highway.

If you fail to not follow the rules of the road, you could face a $48 fine for not adhering to Washington State driving laws. You can check out a website called for more unusual driving laws on the books that you might find interesting.

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