There is still hope, but it looks like this 13-acre island for sale in Tri-Cities finally sold!

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Private Island: Sale Now Pending in Tri-Cities, Washington

Have you ever wanted to own an island? Ever since watching Gilligan's Island as a kid, I have thought about it but never thought it was even possible. The problems with living on an island are well-known and obvious, making it unreachable for most regular people. What if I told you there was a way you could make that dream a reality for under $400,000 and that the island resided here in the Tri-Cities? You would probably think I was either joking or crazy, but it WAS actually true. The property is located north of the Van Giesen Bridge and is 13 acres. The entire island resides in a flood zone, which is a problem for structures. It is zoned to be used for agriculture, private stables, parks, playgrounds, golf courses, or a wildlife refuge according to the listing. I say WAS because an agreement between a potential buyer and the owner of the island was reached only a few days ago according the the real estate agent handling the property.


Who Bought the 13 Acre Tri-Cities Island?

I was trying to find the listing for the island and called the agent assigned to the property named Dakota Ide. After I introduced myself, I explained my interest in the 13-acre island I had seen on the Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business that was for sale. Dakota informed me that the owners of the property had just agreed to an offer from a potential buyer only a few days earlier. He explained that the sale of the island, called Fox Island, was now waiting to be finalized and did not know what the new potential owners would use it for. If the deal is rejected for some reason, the property will be relisted and put back up for sale. Dakota seemed optimistic about the sale being completed, most likely crushing many different local's dreams of owning their own private island.

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