16-year-old teen arrested for firearm at Southridge HS (KSD)
16-year-old teen arrested for firearm at Southridge HS (KSD)

Thanks to a notification given to a teacher and then the school's resource officer, no one was hurt or threatened.

   16-year-old student at Southridge High arrested for possession of firearm

According to Kennewick Police Commander Aaron Klem, the incident occurred around 11:15 AM.

Klem said in a release that staff was alerted about a student who reportedly had a firearm. After notifying the KPD school resource officer, as well as another officer who happened to be at the school, they identified and contacted the student.

Klem says the 16-year-old male was indeed carrying a firearm, although what type was not revealed. It is not known if they had it on their person or in a backpack or elsewhere.

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The teen was arrested and taken to the Benton-Franklin Juvenile Center where they were booked on firearms charges. No students or staff were threatened, and because of the rapid nature of the situation and actions by police and staff, the school was not placed on lockdown.

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