What If Tri-Cities Washington Tasted Like Potato Chips?

Are you a crunch lover? Do you get excited when you hear the sound of chips that have just been opened?


If Tri-Cities Washington Were Potato Chip Brands, What Would They Be?

From their crispy texture to the way they can make any meal more enjoyable, it's impossible not to be deeply in love with potato chips.

Whether they’re salt and vinegar-flavored, baked, or those classic favorites from your childhood, we all know how satisfying—and addictive—potato chips can be.

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We decided to have some fun with you on our Facebook page and ask you if Tri-Cities were potato chips, what taste would they be? You responded with some great answers and here are the top seven picks that made us chuckle.

7 Brands of Lay’s “Fictional” Tri-Cities Potato Chips You’ll Want To Try

good or bad, here are seven tasty brands of potato chips if Tri-Cities were a brand - dig in!

There are some of our favorite Tri-Cities brands of potato chips. You would think with Lamb Weston in our backyard, we would already have our brand of chips in the Columbia Basin.

I vote for Dry Crispies.

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