We seem to have a knack for getting celebrities to make fun of their employers.

A few months ago Todd Hoffman of the Discovery Channel show "Gold Rush" confessed to us he always makes fun of Discovery Channel in public for producing a reality show about Big Foot. They don't like it, but he does it anyway, and he did it on 98.3 The Key!

Today John Henson of "Talk Soup" and "Wipeout" told us working for his employer truTV (for his new show, "World's Funniest Animal Commercials") is kind of like the "Wild West."

It's almost like the Wild West over there. Reminds me of what E! was like in 1995 where they just didn't literally have the man power to watch what you were doing too much. truTV just kind of gave us a studio and said we'll be back in two hours hand us a 60 minute tape and we're good.

This was not a critique. Henson said he absolutely loved the creative atmosphere there, loved working with the people, and hopes to work with them more in the future.

Listen to the entire interview here: