Two Kamiakin Seniors have been barred from military braids at this year's upcoming graduation ceremony.

The braids would've signified the Seniors joining the Military after High School.

The ruling came down from the Kennewick School District's Superintendent who cited a decade old rule concerning graduation attire.

Stacy and I myself are on different sides on this issue. Stacy believes that graduation is about what you have accomplished and not where you're going in the future.

I believe that academia shouldn't be the only criteria for the braids, there are many different vocations that are honorable and should be presented and wearing the braids doesn't take from the other graduates and their accomplishments.

You can read more about the decision here 

Stacy and I are at odds so we need your help, take our poll and let us know what you think. We'll share the results on the Morning Show.

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