Cary Collings celebrated winning the lottery by winning the lottery.

The 61-year-old man from Puyallup, Washington, defied odds science probably can't even calculate by winning the lottery twice in a 24-hour period earlier this month.

Collings' first bit of good fortune happened on June 13, when he won $55,555 playing the 'Red Hot 5's' scratch-off game.

While on his way to the state's regional lottery office to claim his cash the next day, Collings learned luck was still very much on his side when he stopped off to buy some 'Bring on the Ben's' scratch-offs. Sure enough, the first one he chose netted him $200,000.

Collings, who plans to keep his job, says he will pay off debts with his first jackpot. He isn't sure what he will do with the money from his second windfall, although his track record indicates there's a good chance he will use some of the loot to purchase more lottery tickets.