I recently purchased a gym membership at Gold's Gym. And, I  have been finding it difficult to be well organized and bring everything I need to get to work right after. I'm feeling like a bag lady..and still don't have what I need. Why do some people make this all look so easy?

I figure if I wear my gym clothes to the gym, I can shower and get ready afterwards for work right? Seems easy enough, throw some things in a duffel. No big deal. I used to do that.

Seems I'm always in a hurry though, and today, I forgot my underwear! Brought makeup (which I rarely wear anyway) But, forgot a hair brush! I brought flip flops for the shower but failed to wear them into the shower and left them in the cubby.  Ewww...right? And, I didn't have a towel! I thought about it, but apparently thought about something else right after and it never made it to the duffel! Luckily, a nice gal in the dressing area named "Brooklyn" gave me a clean towel to use and I'll wash it and leave it at the front desk for her tomorrow. And god forbid I forget my headphones..that will really throw me in a plunder!  So you see? Maybe it just takes a while to get it right. Geez, though!

Let's talk Gym faux pas too..Why does it seem there is always some person that has to remain naked for the whole entire time that you are in the dressing area?  Even my immodest self..makes sure I am dressed or covered before I stand in front of the mirror to do anything! Right?  I don't think everyone wants to see yours or mine for that matter! LOL..

Another thing, is the wiping down of the equipment. It gross's me out if I get on a machine and there is sweat all over it. It's a courtesy, but I'm thinking it's a must.

And then...what about working in sets with people?  I've always done that if someone is on a machine next to yours and they want to work in on sets. Maybe that is old school.... But, It doesn't bother me at all. As long as there only doing up to 15 reps.But, is that still apro pos? Do I dare ask if it's a real busy night?

Anyway, if you have tips for me..let me know. I'm all ears...and thanks. :)

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