The Tri-City Herald had a great story today about a Kennewick couple who built a mini library out front their house and it's a "Doctor Who" TARDIS! That reminds me, summer is almost here so let's get our summer reading list going! I'll start: ANYTHING STEPHEN KING!

My favorite book of all time is Stephen King's "Under the Dome." I got my 13-year-old son reading it (does that make me a bad parent?). He's only about 75 pages in but I can't wait to talk about it with him. My daughter loves anything about horses.

For those that don't know, a mini library is a box full of books owned by the library's manager. You're welcome to take one or leave one. If you'd like to add some spontaneity to your reading list, try one out!

Here's how to find your local mini library and the new TARDIS mini library.

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