A new Richland coffee shop set to open soon will be unique in the Tri-Cities.

What's The New Coffee Shop That's Opening In Richland?

Say hello to the Peacock Coffee Roasting Co. It'll be the newest addition to the Richland Parkway.

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Is There A Roast It Yourself Coffee Shop In The Tri-Cities?

What's going to make the Peacock Coffee Roasting Co. is that you'll be able to "roast it yourself". It's a philosophy that owner Thomas Kalmbach is bringing to the Tri-Cities from Seattle.

In an article from KEPR-TV, Kalmbach is excited to show customers how to replicate great coffee as well as in the coffee shop. Kalmbach explains that they are going to do a lot of education around coffee.

Kalmbach says Peacock will focus on single-origin beans where the customer will be able to roast their own beans.

Peacock Coffee Roasting Co. Will Feature A Zero-Emission Roasting Machine

The new coffee shop will bring something new and unique to the Tri-Cities with one of the first zero-emissions roasting machines.

Where Will The Peacock Coffee Roasting Co. Be Located At In Richland?

Peacock Coffee Roasting Co. will set up shop at 707 the Parkway in Richland and Kalmbach is hoping the coffee shop will be open in January 2022.

Peacock Coffee Roasting Co. has already started setting up its social media accounts and you can check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

If you are a coffee aficionado, the new Peacock Coffee Roasting Co. will be a unique place to check out in the new year. You can learn more about the new coffee shop here.

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