A former strip club owner in Umatilla asked to open one in Milton-Freewater but was denied without a stated reason. That may prompt the applicant to try again, except for his feud.

For unknown reasons, the "Night Moves" owner beat up his acquaintance at the Hermiston Walmart in 2014. He likely reason was the acquaintance was breaking off and opening his own Umatilla strip club "Honey Bunnz Hideaway." It gets weirder: after hitting and punching him the man attacked his friend with an aerosol can!

He was sentenced to 30 days in jail and probation. After that, he failed to renew his "Night Moves" license in July 2014 and disappeared... until applying for a license in MF last month.

It's likely MF turned him down because they don't want a strip club. I don't know if that's legal. Umatilla currently has a hold or freeze on new strip club applications.

Now that his "criminal" past is revealed, the MF city council can use that as grounds to deny the application.


[SOURCE: East Oregonian]