I love eggs and I'm a bargain shopper. Sounds like a phrase you'd hear at a Shoppers Anonymous meeting, doesn't it? Yesterday, on my way home, I glanced at my "To Do" list. I needed to get water and go to the bank.

I pulled off I-182 at Road 68 in Pasco making my way through the bank drive-thru before heading into Walmart.

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I know why you never shop hungry. $188 later, I not only purchased eggs but, also, the Nostalgia MyMini 7-Egg Cooker.

attachment-egg 2

I couldn't wait to get home to prepare eggs for dinner. Not hard-boiled, but an omelet, sometimes, it's enjoyable to have breakfast for dinner.

After reading the directions, I added water to the cooker and plugged it in. I cracked two eggs in a bowl, scrambled with heavy cream, and seasoned, followed by adding ham, green peppers, and cheese. I turned on the contraption.

attachment-egg 3

The instruction manual indicated that when the eggs are done there would be a beep.

attachment-egg 4

The eggs weren't done. It was a liquid mess. I started the egg-cooker again, and it started beeping right away. No, these eggs aren't done to my liking.

Thus, I transferred my half-done omelet to a frying pan on the stove. Naturally, I added more cheese to the top and covered it. I heated till there wasn't any liquid. Done, the way I prefer.

attachment-egg 5

In my next attempt, I plan to prepare hard-boiled eggs. The reviews are awesome. I can't possibly mess it up. Or, can I?

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