Ahhh the life of a police officer. I just bet each day on the force is a little different and they receive some pretty interesting calls. This incident is no exception -- or as Pasco PD says, "It snot a crime!"  

So, once again, the creative writers at the Pasco Police Department did not disappoint with yet another entertaining blog post! Read on and enjoy:

IT'S SNOT, A CRIME. We were recently contacted by an understandably annoyed resident whose complaint was a little unusual: someone is routinely wiping boogers on the caller's vehicle parked on the street. The caller normally finds it when they leave for work.

Who is this boogie-man? Probably a neighborhood kid. But the next question is always, "Is that even a crime?" The answer would be yes. We have a misdemeanor crime titled "Destruction of Property" which, despite the title, covers a variety of actions including defacing and moving someone else's property. This law covers TP'ing trees, egging houses, and putting all the "For Sale" signs in the neighborhood on somebody's lawn.

The mucus-monger could be charged with that. But not if he is 9 years old. If he is 18 but just acts like a 9-year-old, maybe. El Mocarro, a good practical joke does not leave someone else with a mess to clean up. That's snot cool, man.

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