It actually was created nearly three weeks ago, but is only now starting to get some attention.

The Pasco Association of Educators (PAE-Pasco Teacher's Union) has begun a petition, demanding elementary students be transitioned entirely to remote learning.  According to the vebage at, the petition appears to be the work of the PAE iteself. petition is from PAE ( petition is from PAE (

The petition is entitled "safety and equity, return Pasco students to remote learning," that's what to search for at the website.  The petition reads in part:

"In-person learning is unsafe and unsustainable.  Educators receive daily alerts of another positive test in their school community and more and more parents face impossible choices between the health of their children and household or limited options for remaining in remote learning."

PAE petition (
PAE petition (

It also says in part:

"Our current hybrid model fails to provide adequate instruction for our students.  Sub shortages have resulted in many students facing a rotating roster of teachers and time switching between online and in-building is time lost from learning.  The spiraling increase in COVID-19 cases simply makes this approach both inequitable and unsustainable."

The date on the petition, based upon comments of the 571 signees, appears to be at least three weeks ago.  We have reached out to PAE President Scott Wilson to determine if this officially represents the view of the Pasco Teachers Union.   As of this writing, we have not heard back, nor have we heard back from the Public Relations-Communications Director of the PSD.

The only other media coverage on this has been a story from 1-4-2021 from KIMA TV in Yakima.

To see the petition for yourself, click on the button below.

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