A terrible tragedy occurred Easter Sunday to a young family from Moses Lake 27 Year Old Alyssa Helfenstein lost her life when the vehicle she was riding in slid off the road during a nasty snow storm...

Alyssa's Husband and two children survived the crash and the family need help with Alyssa's funeral experiences..here's the GoFundMe post...


Help a family in a time of grieving

My brother and his family were in a terrible car accident on Sunday afternoon and him and the kids made it his wife did not. I was not going to do this but with all the medical cost from harbor view , the unexpected funeral, needing a new car for the babies to get around in, and help with rent while unable to go back to work for a little while anything would help. My 5 year old nephew kept telling my brother yesterday it is ok daddy I got lots of money I'll buy you another car so I wanna make this happen for him. Also alyssa is being cremated per her wishes which is already paid for but would like to have a nice funeral for her kids and family. Like I said dont do things like this but anything will help my brother and his family right now as they deal with this.

Click the link if you would like to help

Condolences from all of us at Town Square Media



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