Most of you know my buddy Barry Long!  He's a long time radio personality, and we have spent a stint of time working together on our sister station 102.7 KORD.

I'm proud to say, that when" Bear" puts his mind to something, that man can make it happen!

He began a weight loss program called Ideal Protein on October 17. At that time, he weighed in at 365 lbs.

24 weeks later Bear weighs 262 lbs!!

He literally has lost a person! Over 100 pounds! I think it takes such perseverance and commitment to accomplish something like that!

I'm amazed and proud of him! He is off all the medication he used to take for high blood pressure and he is briskly walking around with a spring in his step! He has a lot to be happy about! He looks and feels great!

Here's Barry at 362 lbs. Compare that with the picture I took of him today!