Each month we choose a teacher that is nominated for the Lucky Flowers Teacher of the month to receive a custom bouquet from Lucky Flowers.January's winner teaches Government at Kamiakin High here's the story:

Nominated by: Anna Cady

She's the most passionate teacher I've ever had!!!!! I changed my schedule at the beginning of this school year just so I could have her. She truly cares about teaching and helping her students learn in every way possible. She makes us laugh every single day even if it's unintentional. She even takes students on group trips to Europe every year. She's cares about each of her students more than any other teacher. She's just so intelligent and passionate and I believe she deserves some pretty flowers at the least!

Her name is: Sabiha Kahn.....Congratulations!

Ms.Kahn Receives a beautiful bouquet from Lucky Flowers!

Lucky Flowers Teacher of the Month

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