Our listeners submit some amazing and heart warming Teacher of the Month stories,I personally love to read them and I think you'll enjoy this Months Teacher of the Month winning entry!

Lucky Flowers Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Roxane Todd Teaches at Ki-Be Benton City...here's the Story submitted by Alexando Sanchez:

Tell us why they should win:

Mrs Todd is an inspiration to us all especially me. I'm pretty hard on her but she is on me and doesn't give up on me or any other kid in her class . I actually want to work in her class and try my best anyway. I still have my bad days she pushes us and wants us to have a good education. I i understand that. She takes her lunches, and her extra time to help me even when I don't want to. I guess what I'm.saying is I come from a low income family Mexican and I feel I don't need school but she makes it fine and wanting me to learn. I think she deserves to have a day because she deals with me and others like me.

Thanks Lucky Flowers!

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