Ok...so these aren't in MY garden, I don't even have a garden...yet. My neighbor, Mitchell, noticed a large amount of these in HIS garden. Mitch threw it up on the Nextdoor App.

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And, a lot of people have had very negative incidents with these creatures called SQUASH BUGS. And, they don't discriminate. They're not only in Richland. They are EVERYWHERE!

Are squash bugs harmful?

Yes. Squash bugs cause young plants to die. They are common pests of pumpkins and squash.

How are squash bugs identified?

They are usually dark gray or brown, flat, and about 5/8 inch long. Their abdomens have orange and brown stripes. The eggs are yellowish in color and oval-shaped. Females lay clusters of eggs (20) on the undersides of leaves. The eggs hatch in about 10 days.

What damage do squash bugs cause?

They attack squash, pumpkins, and cucumber plants.

How can you protect your plants from squash bugs?

Adult squash bugs are hard to kill. It's beneficial to detect them as nymphs and drop them into a pail of soapy water. Crush the eggs. Squash bugs hide under leaves and move fast when they are disturbed.

If you decide to use pesticides:

Apply in the early morning or late at night, targeting nymphs as pesticides are generally NOT effective against adult bugs. Spray UNDER leaves, where the bugs are generally found.

Pesticide spraying
Mihajlo Maricic

Neighbor Dee replied that she...

uses a laundry soap and water mixture in a yard sprayer and sprays it on plants and the soil around to keep them away.

Everyone who replied mentioned what a pain these buggers are. How have you taken care of squash bugs in your garden?

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